About OpsLog

OpsLog is a new startup based in Boulder, Colorado. It was founded by Vasily Vasinov in June, 2017. Vasily is an ex-Amazonian with a long-time interest in entrepreneurship and building software engineering tools. After working on many teams—small and large—he realized that one thing that’s consistently missed by engineers and managers is a streamlined tool that generates and presents metrics for operational and engineering work. Most teams either use cobbled together homegrown solutions that don’t work half the time or, more frequently, they don’t use anything at all, relying on gut checks and luck.

Boulder Colorado The Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. Credit: Jesse Varner

OpsLog was founded with the premise that software development teams can ship better software faster if all members of the team are happy and well-informed. One of the greatest stressors for engineers and managers is the lack of insights into their own work.

OpsLog aims to solve this problem by providing engineering leaders with the tools to quantify software engineering progress and operations impact.