Analytics Layer for Software Development Teams

OpsLog analyzes codebase and on-call data to quantify software engineering progress and operations impact.


Seamlessly Integrate Your Tools

What Can OpsLog Do for You?

Engineering Leads

  • Reduce grunt work for devs.
  • Learn who gets killed by on-call.
  • Improve code review times.
  • Gain visibility into operations.

Development Managers

  • Keep all stakeholders informed.
  • Understand and improve team health
  • Reduce spending.
  • Justify hiring needs.

Simplify Standups with Timelines

Imagine a morning standup where everyone is looking at the feed of yesterday's activity—no more awkwardness and group amnesia.

You can finally enjoy your morning coffee!

Build Custom Charts

Do you know who gets woken up by alarms the most? How long does it take to merge pull requests? How are all of these data points related?

We created a simple yet powerful chart builder to answer those questions. Group metrics by day, week, or month. Explore average, median, and top percentile statistics.


Unify Data with Dashboards

OpsLog gives you a unified view of software development progress and incident timelines across all repos and services.

Build dashboards by including charts and statistics to discover historical trends and connections between different metrics.

Gain Insights by Tracking Metrics


  • Time to Acknowledgment
  • Time to Resolution
  • Time Between Incidents
  • Notifications by Hour
  • Escalations by Day
  • Triggers by Channel


  • Pull Requests by Day
  • Time in Code Review
  • Time Between Pull Requests
  • Pull Requests by User
  • Pull Requests by Milestone
  • Added and Deleted Lines of Code

And Many More...

I founded OpsLog with the premise that software development teams can ship better software faster if all members of the team are happy and well-informed. One of the greatest stressors for engineers and managers is the lack of insights into their own work.

OpsLog aims to solve this problem by providing engineering leaders with the tools to quantify software engineering progress and operations impact.

—Vasily Vasinov, OpsLog Founder