Measure Operations and Development

Generate metrics and reports from on-call, continuous integration, and code data.

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Insights for Developers and Managers

OpsLog dramatically reduces the amount of grunt work for your engineers by helping developers and managers answer many important questions like:

  • How long does it take on-call engineers to start working on an incident?
  • Who got paged the most last month?
  • What day of the week has the most time-consuming pull requests?
  • What third-party services contribute the most to operational load?
  • Who is responsible for escalating the most incidents?

Operational Reports

Tired of manually preparing reports for weekly operational meetings? OpsLog automatically generates reports by integrating the tools you use daily.

OpsLog also provides real-time dashboards with operational metrics for your services and repositories.

Gain Insights by Tracking Metrics


  • Time to Acknowledgment
  • Time to Resolution
  • Time Between Incidents
  • Notifications by Hour
  • Escalations by Day
  • Triggers by Channel


  • Pull Requests by Day
  • Time in Code Review
  • Time Between Pull Requests
  • Pull Requests by User
  • Pull Requests by State
  • Commits by Day

And Many More...

OpsLog was founded with the premise that software development teams can ship better software faster if all members of the team are happy and well-informed. One of the greatest stressors for engineers and managers is the lack of insights into their own work. OpsLog aims to solve this problem by providing up-to-date metrics and reports for incidents, pull requests, and commits.

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